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Shortly afterwards, she jumps to the conclusion that Mao stole her game and attacks him. After her defeat, she feels utterly depressed and now believes that her game is lost forever, bursting into tears. Everyone else soon aims the blame on Mao for what happened. Mao then goes over to Asagi and tells her that he didn't steal her game but the Legendary Overlord may have been the culprit. He offers her the chance to come with them since they're in search of the Overlord kakım well and Asagi happily joins.

When she go out to find Kojou, she saw Kojou with Yukina and saw that Kojou was holding a letter (Asagi thought that the letter was a Love Letter for Yukina) and said that looks like she's disturbing something (what she knows is that Kojou is inviting Yukina on a date) so she leaves. It was seen that she was crouching over Akatsuki in a seductive way, following the suggestion of Motoki "How to grup up a Honey-Trap?

Oboro even goes birli far as to promise hamiş to use hypnosis. Within the Arena, Asagi realizes she’ll be facing off against Oboro herself, bey a rematch for their initial fight. However, Asagi is hesitant to go all-out against her, as Oboro’s body is still fused with Kyousuke’s. During their fight, she morphs into Kyousuke’s form, causing further hesitation with Asagi. During this form, Asagi is struck, being knocked out and consequently defeated.

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Asagi says in her interview that those who ruined her chance of becoming main character shall be punished. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[edit

Asagi stars birli the main character (finally). She is tasked by a goddess to assist in collecting heroes from various Nippon Ichi franchises to help save a parallel world.

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Then, Asagi took a picture of Kojou. Kojou was shocked and asked Asagi why she did that, Asagi said she wanted to. While Asagi was taking a picture of Kojou, Kojou took his smartphone and took a picture of Asagi and said that it is unfair that Asagi was only allowed to take his picture. Then, at the end of all of it, Asagi took a picture of both of them together.

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From the beach to this point, this is the dead-end I pointed out last time, so Captain Taylor saf moved from down here up to this hill where he's digging in.

Upon equipping the run, Asagi’s instincts to kick into effect, but leaves her confused from seeing nobody but Kyousuke in her surroundings. Upon questioning Kyousuke further about what he özgü been up to, he suddenly takes a sinister tone and leaps away, using Asagi’s ring to hypnotize her, causing her body to be encased in a red glow before fusing into her body.

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